Ludger Velocity Vacuum Manifold System

  • The Ludger-Velocity SPE vacuum manifold system is a 96 well microplate format system which enables analysts to process up to 96 samples simultaneously. The system can be used with individual clean up cartridges (e.g. LC-T1-A6 or LC-A-24) or 96 well plate clean up devices (e.g. LC-EXO-96, LC-PBM-96, LC-PROC-96 or LC-PERMET-96).

  • Use of a vacuum manifold for sample clean up speeds up processing times. Ludger's Velocity vacuum manifold system is compatible with cartridges or plates, and is a valuable tool for your lab. The options available are summarised in the Table below:

  • Product Guide

  • Vacuum manifold in 96 plate format


  • Vacuum trap kit


  • Collection Plate Pack


  • Collection Plate Lid Pack


    5 per pack

  • Manifold Cartridge Holder Plate


  • Plug Pack


    12 strips of 8 plugs, to seal empty cartridges in preparation for vacuum.